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About Honor Moon 

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Honor Moon is a collective of offerings compiling years of advanced pharmaceutical and botanical studies brought to you by Dr. Jean Dugan, PharmD. Through ethically sourced & sustainably wildcrafted botanical medicine, 1:1 Integrative Women’s Health Consultations & Empowered Education focusing on a Woman’s Sacred Rites of Passage, Honor Moon uniquely provides integrative holistic care to women in need in any phase of their lives.

  • Botanical Medicine

  • Integrative Holistic Health Consultations

  • Empowered Education

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“At her first bleeding a woman meets her power. During her bleeding years she practices it. At menopause she becomes it."

-Traditional Native American Saying

Honor Moon- “On-Her-Moon”  is an active prayer, a living altar, that women remember, reconnect, and reclaim the sacredness of their existence: the physical manifestation of our Mother Earth with all of her seasons and many moons. Her spiral cyclical nature with tides that ebb and flow are to be revered and the energy within the seasons of woman’s life are to be harnessed. 


The dream of the sacred feminine is the awakening of women to their power through earth relation and the reclamation of reverence for the sacred rites of passage in a woman’s lifetime: Menarche, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum, Menopause.  These rites of passage are portals that have the potential to shape-shift a woman into her health and into her strength.

Through honoring the many phases of a woman’s moon and trusting in the innate intelligence of a woman’s body we are reclaiming the wisdom of our ancestors, thus actively shifting the current cultural paradigm which is one that pathologizes and overmedicates the feminine existence.

May Honor Moon activate and weave the dream of the sacred feminine that resides within all. She is the whispers of our grandmothers and their grandmothers. She is there and has always been. Can you hear her calling? Are you ready to wake up? Are you ready listen?

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The Honor Moon


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About Jean

Welcome. My name is Dr. Jean Dugan, PharmD. I am a Clinical Herbalist & Integrative Medicine Practitioner with a Doctorate in Pharmacy specializing in Women's Health.  Harnessing my extensive background with roots in western medicine and a continual bloom in traditional medicine, I am able to uniquely offer a multidimensional- client collaborative approach to healing. It is with deep reverence to our Mother Earth and immense gratitude to all of my teachers,  that I may offer Earth Medicine, Earth Wisdom to you. It is my belief that if we can heal women, we can heal Earth, and the time is now.

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Herbal Medicine is the thread that has woven my relation to all that is. A timeless tapestry merging the worlds of my ancestors, of my highest self, and of my kin. It is the intersection of past, present, and future.

-Dr. Jean Dugan, PharmD

Experience & Training

Doctorate in Pharmacy, 2010

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Internationally Certified in Aromatherapy, 2014

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy,

San Rafael, California

Certified Holistic Health Coach, 2015

Institute of Integrative Nutrition,

New York, New York

Womb Massage and Spiritual Healing, 2017

Artemisia & Rue

Valladolid, Mexico

Community Herbalism, 2017

Artemisia & Rue

Denver, Colorado

Women’s Herbal & Ethnobotanical Studies, 2018

Artemisia & Rue

Denver, Colorado

Advanced Herbal Studies, 2018

Artemisia & Rue

Denver, Colorado

Voyage Botanica Field Studies, Continual Education Field Study

Arizona & New Mexico

Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies Mentorship, 2019-Present

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

Herbal Medicine for Women with Dr. Aviva Romm, Anticipated Graduation 2022

Denver, Colorado

Strawberry Moon, Traditional Healing, Continual Traditional Medicine Studies 2018- Present

Denver, Colorado


I love working with Jean because she truly cares about my story. Through our connection she has shared her wild and sustainably harvested, handcrafted herbal tinctures as well as advised me on dosage making sure I knew what I might be able to expect from my process. With her guidance I have rebalanced my hormones and am now confident to begin trying to conceive. Through the whole process Jean has been available and enthusiastic for both my hopes and concerns. I cherish the conversations we have which begin in terms of herbal advice and expand out into philosophical and spiritual musings, all of which I think are relevant to the healing process. I would full heartedly recommend working with Jean!

-Mary H.



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