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Honor Moon

Weave the Dream of Sacred Feminine

remember, reconnect, reclaim.

What is Honor Moon?
“On-Her-Moon”  is an active prayer, a living altar, that women remember, reconnect, and reclaim the sacredness of their existence: the physical manifestation of our Mother Earth with all of her seasons and many moons. Using her spiral cyclical nature as our guide, I help women reclaim the sacred feminine using integrative holistic care. With a focus on Mental-Physical-Emotional-Spiritual health, your treatment process is an intersection of Western & traditional medicine.

Providing Support at any Sacred Right of Passage in a Woman's Life


Menarche- Menstruation-Pregnancy-Postpartum-Menopause

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Through honoring the many phases of a woman’s moon and trusting in the innate intelligence of a woman’s body we are reclaiming the wisdom of our ancestors, thus actively shifting the current cultural paradigm which is one that  pathologizes and overmedicates the feminine existence.

Nature Girl

Meet Jean

I am a Clinical Herbalist & Integrative Medicine Practitioner with a Doctorate in Pharmacy specializing in Women's Health.  Harnessing my extensive background with roots in western medicine and a continual bloom in traditional medicine, I am able to uniquely offer a multidimensional- client collaborative approach to healing.

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