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Honor Moon

Weave the Dream of the Sacred Feminine

remember, reconnect, reclaim.

What is Honor Moon?
On-Her-Moon”  is an active prayer, a living altar, that women remember, reconnect, and reclaim the sacredness of their existence: the physical manifestation of our Mother Earth with all of her seasons and many moons. The dream of the sacred feminine is an awakening to this truth. Illness is an invitation to heal and transform. The question is, at what level, to what magnitude? It has been my experience that healing through the use of Earth’s Wisdom and Medicine have the potential to shapeshift you into your highest potential. Harnessing the brilliance of Earth’s Wisdom and Medicine I serve my clients as a guide to vibrant health and wellness.

Whole Woman Healing

Earth-Centered Healing at Any Phase in. Woman's Life

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Through honoring the many phases of a woman’s moon and trusting in the innate intelligence of a woman’s body we are reclaiming the wisdom of our ancestors, thus actively shifting the current cultural paradigm which is one that  pathologizes and overmedicates the feminine existence.

Nature Girl

Meet Jean

I am a Clinical Herbalist & Integrative Medicine Practitioner with a Doctorate in Pharmacy specializing in Women's Health.  Harnessing my extensive background with roots in western medicine and a continual bloom in traditional medicine, I am able to uniquely offer a multidimensional- client collaborative approach to healing.

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